About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog!

My name is Klara, I am 20 years old living in Canada. I am currently in my 2nd year of university studying business management, I am majoring in Marketing and minoring in eBusiness.I made this blog to promote the vegan lifestyle along with some of my other interests and passions. I want to promote healthy living in the most simple and organic way possible through this blog. If something I post offends anyone, or if you want to send me a message please let me know by leaving a message on comments page.  You can also contact me by leaving a message on my Instagram page: @klaraquinton or by emailing me at qklara@yahoo.ca. I’d love to hear about what you think, and I am open to any suggestions!

You can find work out videos/plans on the fitness page, recipes and nutrition on the recipes page, my thoughts and opinions on the Mind Page ,  restaurant recommendations and my travels on the travel page, and documentaries, videos, and books to look into on the media page, all located in the menu bar at the top! I hope to post as much new content as I can each week to check out!

Today, I have now been vegetarian for 4 years, 2 of those years I spent being vegan and I am now vegan again for the long term which I started in 2017. You can find some great documentaries, videos, and other information on being vegan located on the Media page to educate yourself on the facts behind our food industries.

Currently I am in university and its hard to find time for taking care of yourself, which I realized in my first year. Last year I gained the freshman 15, was eating junk food all the time and never went to the gym. I spent a lot of sleepless nights studying and stressing out over school work, like most university students do. However, this year I vowed to myself I would make time for the gym, eat properly, get enough sleep and experience life to the fullest and with the most positivity every single day. I am happy to say I have achieved that so far this year and hope to continue to do so. Currently I am going to the gym 5-7 times a week for about 2 hours. I do yoga and mediation twice a week and try to make everyday the “best day of my life”, which I was inspired to do after reading about 98 year old yoga instructor Täo Porchon-Lynch’s story (I recommend checking her out online, you’ll be blown away).

Some things I enjoy doing involve: yoga, running, weight lifting, rock climbing (check out Joe Rock Heads in Toronto), swimming, hiking, trying new recipes and restaurants, visiting music venues, drinking wine and meeting new people.Some of my interest include: health and nutrition, marketing, advertising, marine wild life conservation, meditation, fitness and photography.

I love travelling, however since I am in university I can only find time to do this over the summer break. I spent last summer in Grenoble located in the French Alps, and travelled to 14 cities around Europe including areas in France, Switzerland, and Italy. You can find recommendations on places to visit in these regions as well as hostels to stay at on my travel page.

My Current Bucket List: Things To Do Before I am 23

1.Swim with a wild Whale Shark.

2.Swim with wild Bull Sharks.

3.Travel to The Cove in Japan. (I have visited Japan once before, and I would like to go back and work with a dolphin conservation group to expose what is going on there and stop it).

4.Visit Hawaii.

5.Go Bungee Jumping in New Zealand.

6.Try 100 Vegan Restaurants.

7.Travel to Venice, Italy.

8.Travel to Greece.

9.Travel to Australia and visit the Great Barrier Reef.

10.Visit New York.

11.One day I hope to join an organization that boycotts illegal fishing operations in International waters and my aim is to stop the murder and eventual extinction of sharks.

12. Swim with manta rays in the wild

13. Swim with pretty much everything in the wild…!