Secrets of Grenoble

Grenoble is a small city located in the French Alps. This is just one single area we discovered on a biking adventure outside of the city. The beauty of Grenoble is that minutes away from your home you can get completely lost in forests, mountains and waterfalls. This particular area is spectacular-Les Cuves de Sassenage. We tried to get here TWICE, the first time we got completely lost taking public transit and then on a second trip we decided to bike about an hour and found this oasis.

Although we got lost a few times on the bike ride, it was not a disappointment. If we hadn’t taken the completely wrong turn we wouldn’t have come across the most vibrant glacial river I have ever seen. Once we got there we immediately started exploring and documenting this hidden secret. If you ever come across this area, bring water shoes and hike up the rocks against the stream (warning: IT IS FREEZING) to discover waterfalls deep in the forest. I will never forget the serenity I felt in this particular place.

This is only one of the beautiful places in Grenoble, France. If you are ever near the french alps I suggest visiting this majestic city and discovering the  beauty mother nature has to offer.

*click on the photos to see full size*

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