Korean Village Restaurant

This delicious and unique Korean/Japanese restaurant is located at 628 Bloor Street West in Toronto. They have a huge menu which includes sushi, Korean BBQ  (at the table) which is fun for groups to do together, and tonnes of traditional Korean appetizers and meals. This family run restaurant has been visited by many celebrities over the years such as Jackie Chan.

I went here for a friends birthday and we had an amazing time, not only was the food delicious and unique but the service was incredible. The owner’s son (Jay) greeted all the tables with the most amazing and interesting charisma I have ever witnessed. He had such enthusiasm for the food, recommending  the best meals to order, and providing us with many rounds of free appetizers. Not only was he friendly and personable, he put on a show which made the experience fun and exciting. He showed us how to eat each dish and which combinations bring out the best flavours. He does this with every table that comes in and it creates a really fun environment to enjoy with friends and family. Jay takes serious pride in his family’s restaurant and it shows through the wonderful service he brings to each table.

As for the food, it was all delicious. They also have vegetarian options that can be modified to be vegan which I enjoyed a lot! Everything was fresh, full of flavour and well cooked. I got the vegetarian Bibimbap with fried tofu (without egg) and it was amazing. I highly recommend coming here if you are looking for a place to enjoy great food, hilarious and amazing service and a wonderful ambiance.

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