Ignorance is Bliss

Before I get into this, I want to state that I am not trying to tell anyone how to live their life, I am not saying that my lifestyle is better than anyone else. I am simply exposing the reality of certain industries and the negative side majority of us never know about. If you think you know where your food is coming from, think again. I used to love meat and dairy, I always ate these things for most of my life until I actually took the time and opened my mind to finding out the secrets so many corporations are hiding us from. I thought I knew about where my food was coming from, I knew it was cruel or bad but I never ACTUALLY went and took the time to really watch what was happening to the FULL extent. This is partly because I just didn’t want to, I thought I knew what I needed to know and that was that.   I leave the link to a video that exposes reality here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHZUuR1Udno. I recommend watching this whether or not you believe animals have feelings or not, this is where your food REALLY comes from. Please take the time to educate and inform yourself and stop living in a lie. If you cannot watch this film without turning it off or looking away, then you need to rethink what your are putting into your body, and what you are supporting. If you can’t watch it, why eat it.

Ignorance to the reality of factory farming, the reality of where your food is coming from and the reality of what it is doing to our planet and to your health, apparently is “bliss” to most of our society. Open your mind, stop believing lies and bullshit the money hungry companies want you to believe. EDUCATE YOURSELF I cannot stress that enough, educate yourself on REALITY. This shit is real people, this is not some santa clause, UFO fantasy conspiracy…THIS. IS. LEGIT!

About 60 years ago, doctors were telling pregnant women to smoke, billboards and TV commercials were packed with pro-cigarette advertisement and smoking was a “good” thing. When the first research came out about it’s detrimental effects on the human body, tobacco companies tried to hide it with ads, fake facts, pretty packages and beautiful people, why? MONEY! Today, smoking is frowned upon, everywhere is a “NO SMOKE” zone, there are ZERO advertisements about it, and our society is well aware of how terrible it is.  It baffles most young people today to think that smoking was allowed on planes, in the office, and pregnant ladies were hacking back 20+ cigarettes a day because of “doctors orders!”.

This is EXACTLY what the factory farming (meat, dairy, egg) industries are doing today. These companies are making billions of dollars off our blind society. They are advertising comic book character cows and chickens on big macs and nuggets and telling kids “you need to drink milk to grow big and strong”…This is FALSE ADVERTISING. There is ample scientific research available (I recommend you look into it and visit my Media page), stating that dairy, eggs, and meat are in fact BAD for your health. Yet each day billions of dollars are made off these industries through colourful packaging, happy comics, slogans and intricate marketing to deceive us. In 60 years we are going to look back on today and say “how the FUCK did we let our kids eat that shit, why the FUCK did we exploit and destroy entire species, our health, and the planet for a FUCKING CHEESE BURGER?!”.

The reality is animal agriculture and factory farming is unsustainable, destructive and cruel. Animal agriculture and factory farming is the leading cause of disappearing forests, water shortages, o-zone depletion, food shortages,  heart disease, obesity, and ultimately the destruction of our planet (feel free to look these facts up). We live in a society addicted to meat and dairy and processed foods! SERIOUSLY, when I went vegan I  had actual withdrawal from dairy products, I had headaches for 3 days straight and dreamt (literally) of eating cheese. I went through the EXACT same situation when I quit cigarettes. These products are manufactured to sell, they are made for profit, not health. Corporations DO NOT GIVE A FUCK about your diabetes, heart disease or obesity, they will do literally anything to keep us consuming more and more. Why? Because it brings in the cash, makes them rich and gives them power in more than just the grocery store. Wonder why its deemed criminal in many places to conduct investigative journalism, photography and filming of factory farming operations? These companies, through their power and money have gained access to the ability to force laws that keep consumers in the dark.We have been “brain washed” into believing deceiving advertisements and false information that hides the reality of where that burger  REALLY came from, how it  REALLY was made.

If you are so concerned about your “organic” vegetables (which are hardly organic since so many chemicals and pesticides have been deemed acceptable to be categorized as organic), then you should really open your eyes to where your cheese burger, chocolate milk and breakfast bagel came from, because I assure you it’s worse than you could imagine. Animals are horrifically exploited in factory farming operations. The extent of abuse, disease, neglect, pain, and suffering that millions of animals experiences from birth to death is 10 times the abuse any human genocide has ever caused. I urge you to at least take the time to learn more about this issue and to watch those ‘gruesome’ videos before you make an opinion. You already know the corporate “happy” side of the story, you have yet to discover what they are hiding.

Please visit my Media page for a number of extremely informative videos I recommend watching. Whether or not you make a lifestyle change based on this information, you NEED to be aware of reality and not let yourself be lied to by strategic marketing and money hungry corporations. Thanks for reading!





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