45 Minute Cardio Circuit


This can be done at the gym, you can also try to do some of the exercises like the running and biking outside the gym, however I recommend being in a gym setting for this workout:

Exercise 1: Tread Mill (15 Minutes Total)

1st-5th Minute: Low Intensity Jogging.

  • Speed Level: 5-7
  • Incline Level: 0

5th-10th Minute: Uphill Climb.

  • Speed Level: 4-6
  • Incline Level: 10+ (like a very steep hill).

10th-12th Minute: Sprint.

  • Speed Level: 8-10
  • Incline Level: 0

12th-15th Minute: Low Intensity Jogging.

  • Speed Level: 5-7
  • Incline Level: 0-3

Exercise 2: Stationary Bike (15 Minutes Total)

This 15 Minute workout combines resistance, speed, hill climbing and interval training.

The 5 minute circuit is repeated 3 times:

1 Minute Pace: Low Resistance, Moderate speed.

  • This is the warm-up/recovery period
  • You should feel a slight connection in the resistance and be going at a normal speed.

1 Minute Seated Climb: Moderate Resistance, Slow Speed.

  • This is the beginning of the hill climb.
  • Stay seated and focus all your energy into pushing the pedals and keeping your core strong.
  • You should feel like its hard to push the pedals.

1 Minute Standing Climb: High Resistance, High Speed.

  • This is the highest level of resistance in this workout, it should be difficult to push the pedals, and you should have to use all of your body weight moving from side to side to press down on the pedals.
  • Your speed should be as fast as possible using your body weight to move the pedals.

1 Minute Seated Climb: High Resistance, Slow Speed.

  • Here you get back to the same speed as the first seated climb.
  • The difference here is you keep the resistance at the same level it was for the standing climb.
  • This should be really hard to do, and you should be moving slowly since the resistance is high.

1 Minute Sprint: Low Resistance, High Speed.

  • In the last 30 seconds of the seated climb, accelerate your legs and speed up and then at the 1 minute mark drop the resistance and keep your speed high.

Repeat this 2 more times for a crazy  15 minute cardio work out. 

Exercise 3: Stair Climber (15 Minutes Total) 

1st-5th Minute:

  • Speed Level: 90 steps per minute

5th-10th Minute:

  • Speed Level: 115 steps per minute

10th-12th Minute:

  • Speed Level: 125-135 steps per minute (sprint)

12th-15th Minute:

  • Speed Level: 90 steps per minute

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